What to Expect in Your Home Care Career with Linda’s Care

Taking care of another individual, whether that person is a beloved family member or someone you’ve never met before, requires empathy, patience, physical stamina, and a consistently calm demeanor. When it’s a good match, caregivers and their participants develop a special bond that can be very rewarding. Building that relationship takes time, and it can be severely hindered when the caregiver is not properly trained or compensated in their role.

At Linda’s Care, we believe that caregivers can only do their best work if they feel valued and respected both personally and professionally. Our compensation, benefits, and training are designed to offer a work-life balance that encourages our employees to look at caregiving not just as a job, but as a satisfying career.


Starting Pay

Our starting base pay is $14.25 per hour. Our goal is to increase this rate based on job performance and skills certifications.
skills certifications.

Commission Bonus

There are many opportunities for commission bonuses. Our starting sign-on bonus is $300 after completing 90 days of employment. Caregivers who bring on their own participant will receive a $600 commission bonus. Caregivers who refer new participants will receive a $300 commission bonus. We also offer an employee referral commission bonus of $50.

Holiday Pay

Employees who work on holidays will receive non-overtime holiday premium pay. For each hour worked on a holiday, employees will earn holiday premium pay equal to their base rate of pay in addition to their standard hourly rate.

Paid Time Off

After 12 months, employees will receive 5 days of paid time off. Employees may use paid time off for sick leave, personal days, or vacation. Additional paid time off will be earned with continued employment.

Retirement Plan

We sponsor an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) plan to encourage employees to save for retirement through payroll deductions. Employees can contribute a percentage of pay or dollar amount up to the allowable annual limit.

Next Day Pay

Employees are able to receive pay the day after they work via Direct Deposit.

Health & Wellness

Health Insurance

We offer Independent Blue Cross (IBX) to full-time employees after 90 days. We pay 50% of the cost of the plan, and employees pay 50% through payroll deduction.

Dental Insurance

We offer United Concordia dental insurance to full-time employees after 90 days. This inexpensive plan is 100% employee paid through payroll deduction.

Modern Healthcare Plan

We offer Vitable Health to full-time employees after 90 days. We pay 100% of the cost of the plan as a valuable employee benefit. Vitable offers unlimited visits with no copay or deductible for medical services including primary care, urgent care, mental health, telehealth, and lab tests. They also offer discounted prescriptions.

Life Insurance

Our life insurance policy pays $50,000 to an employee’s beneficiaries in the event of death while employed.

Community Involvement

We invite employees to participate in community service projects as a group or individually. Employees are encouraged to share opportunities to support their own favorite charity and non-profit events.


Paid Initial Training

New employees receive paid training in our Jenkintown office before taking on their first caregiving assignment.

Ongoing Training

Once initial training is complete, employees can take all additional trainings at their leisure. Linda’s Care-approved training programs are free to employees. Other trainings may be covered by Linda’s Care after our review. Employees who receive new certifications upon completion of training will receive a pay raise commensurate with the acquired skill level.

Employer Support

We have an open door policy for all employees to present questions, problems, and job scenarios in order to receive support, feedback, and peer insight. Our employees are encouraged to participate in problem-solving activities with one another so that we can all learn, grow, and provide the best care to our participants.

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